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Pure & Chic
Pureness is your real beauty.

Discover with us...

miracles in ecoprinted pieces,
health in natural colorings,
pureness in natural fibers,
artwork in handloom fabrics,
Elegance from the heart of nature


Tien Officiel welcomes the new season with Tien’22 Pureness Collection made of silk fabrics handpatterned by real leaves and Tien Dream collections of natural cotton and linen fabrics.


In our collections, you may like the color of one model and the cut of the other one and think, 'I wish I could mix them together' In those cases, please click the link below and contact us. Let us produce the model you choose with the pattern you like in the collection. For detailed information, you can send an e-mail or call us by phone. We are just one click away...