Do you know that, when you buy a TIEN item, it will be unique and exclusive to you? What makes our styles unique is their colors and patterns. Although colors are created according to revised prescriptions, the reaction of natural dyes on fabrics can be different. The same goes for our patterns. Although when it comes to leaves, flowers and plants they all look identical infact they are matchless. They are hand placed one by one on the fabric with a certain motif setup. The reaction of these precious materials to leave their traces on the fabric during subsequent processing may differ. This is the feature that ensures the originality of Tien models. A new process begins after the fabrics are ready in order to deliver most elegant clothes to you with those designs. We cut our styles, in such a way that these patterns can be placed correctly and you can get most of this eco-printing experience. Our production is not a standard manufacturing process. Each style is created by working diligently at every stage.


Even if they have the same cut, two Tien items of the same model differ from each other. Even if they look alike at first glance, they all have their own beauty and originality. This is what makes them striking. Just like us women. Shortly your Tien models are timeless and investment pieces that add value to your wardrobe. Moreover, they make sure that you don’t have an ‘unhappy coincidence’ with someone in an event, having matching dresses.