Vivid and unique colors and patterns… The patterns and colors that are the hallmarks of Tien's models have a very interesting story. We prefer to use natural fabrics in our collections. We never use chemicals in dyeing these fabrics. All our fabrics are colored with natural dyes prepared with completely natural materials such as saffron, walnut, coffee, cocoa. After that, the patterning process begins… Pepper, eucalyptus, walnut, sycamore, chestnut, plum… In short, the leaves of many trees that cool us in their shadows, the flowers we breathe in and the leaves of different plants are placed on the fabrics one by one. Then the fabric is rolled up. Heat treatment is being applied. After the is completed, the traces of plants, leaves and flowers that we see and admire in nature now come to life in fabrics. And then starts the process of our tailoring according to seasonal trends… Thus, the unique power of nature that constantly renews itself and remains fresh is carried to your wardrobe with TIEN. Your Tien model is just like you: Unique and exquisite on it's own. Yet It is also a precious part of a magnificent whole.